:) Thanksgiving Eve

Yesterday was the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break. However, this morning, Seth and I woke up at the normal time so I could get him to work by eight. The whole campus was closed so he had to sneak into his locker room through the pool. Then I went home, showered, and started studying. At noon, I met Seth on campus, we ate lunch, he showered, then we started studying. Seth is at the end of his major so he is very busy, and I am too because I'm taking 15.5 credits. At BYU 12 credits is full time so this is quite a full load for me. However, I do have friends who take 18 each semester and I don't get how they do it... all I do is study and I always feel behind! Hence, today has been spent in the Talmage Building being a busy little bee.

Seth is in a computer lab working with his group and I am out in the hall. No one else is out here and the building in feeling very lonely and empty. It is now 5:45 and I've been sitting here since about 1. That's a long time. I miss my husband. This would be a very good time for me to start complaining (ok so I've already kind of started...) and feeling sorry for myself but... TOMORROW'S THANKSGIVING!!!
I seriously cannot feel down today. Which is strange because I feel that I would be completely justified if I did. But I found a cozy little corner where the sun shone on my face (until it set) and today has been lovely. I've gotten a lot done and I know it will help me have a less stressful holiday. Plus I know as soon as Seth is ready to leave, we'll be out and having a wonderful relaxing rest of the evening. And tomorrow we will just eat and lounge ALL... DAY... LONG. Oh bliss. I cannot wait. I think at this point, I am expected to write my list of things I'm thankful for. This is so hard right now because I'm so thankful for so many random things. The big things are obviously Seth, my family, my new family :), my wonderful friends who have helped me throughout my life and the newer ones I've made in Provo, the temples (Seth and I went to Bountiful on Saturday after my Great Grandma's funeral. It was so beautiful. That was a good day.) sunshine, heaters that work, feeling healthy, yummy food, our own apartment, school (sometimes) my dreams for the future, and... I think I'm going to start getting carried away. So there you go. There are a few things. Maybe someday I'll do just a thankful post. For now, I'm going to get my husband and go do something fun and worry free. Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

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