Happy Halloween from...

Little Red, the Big Bad Wolf and the Woodsman!

Our first Halloween as a little family of three has been crazy fun! We dressed up and spent the evening at home carving a pumpkin, handing out candy and making our little "Grey Wolf" (pun very much intended) giggle non-stop. And it was awesome to finally get trick-or-treaters after 4 years of living in basement apartments where no one can find your front door!

And can I say, it is so fun making a baby costume?! Pretty much all I did for Seth and myself was buy some suspenders at the thrift store and turn a giant red sweater into a cape and hood. For Greyson's costume, I made the wolf face, tail, paws with claws and white leather moccasins. And every step of the way, I tried things on him and squealed at how cute and little everything is!

The Wolf trying to eat Little Red. Well, he at least succeeded in drooling on her. A big drop right down the front of her dress.

Teeny tiny paws and claws. Rawr!

We bought a big pumpkin for us and a little one for G, but only ended up carving his. He demanded we turn our attention to him instead. Oh well, we discovered carving pumpkins with a drill is awesome.

Hope you all had a spectacularly spooky night! Time to turn on a scary movie. With cuddles from my boys. So I don't get too scared.



  1. I am so stinkin' in love with you guys! Between these pics, and the pumpkin patch, and your house decor... and sweet sweet ADORABLE little Grey! I can't get enough! - And I had to laugh. Miles REFUSES to support himself with his legs 90% of the time- he prefers to laugh at my attempts, and look at little Greyson all standing up lol! Love all three posts!

  2. Thanks Megan! I still wish you were coming down to stay with us this Fall... hopefully someday you can make it down! Miles cracks me up already, and I haven't even met him yet! Can't wait to see you all!