I remember when I was little, I always told people my favorite holiday was Easter. I was usually met with looks of confusion. Not Christmas? I think, even then, I knew this holiday was so important and was surrounded by feelings of hope. Hope that we can all change and grow and be better each day. The renewal of spring only makes those feelings stronger.

This Easter was no exception. Where Christmas this year seemed overwhelming and too full of "expectations" I'd set for myself, Easter has been refreshing. I've been able to take things a little easier and feel so thankful for this family of mine. Between family snuggles, thoughtful lessons at church, and my little boy get excited about presents for the first time as he dug through his Easter basket, I couldn't help but feel thrilled for all the future wonderful moments ahead.

My little bunny with with cutie cotton tail :)



  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I'm SO excited to snuggle that cute little bunny! He has gotten so big!!! Happy Easter you guys! Love you!

    1. We can't wait to see you too Meg! Although I can't wait for the trip when all the babies will finally meet. That will be all kinds of fun.