Norweigan Spring Wedding with a Baby Goat!

Today, this beautiful shoot is published over on Ruffled Blog, here. The inspiration for this shoot came from photographer Isabel Johansen's childhood in Norway. It included some of my favorite spring blooms, and many details you would see in a traditional Norwegian wedding. I kept the styling simple so the focus could be on the flowers and cultural details. An embroidered Norwegian wedding dress inspired the palette, and was worn with a traditional silver crown. Finally, the sweetest white baby goat wearing a floral collar made the setting feel as though we had just stepped in from the pastoral countryside of Norway.

Photography: Isabel Johansen Photo
Flowers and Styling: Amber Reverie
Hair and Makeup: Bellacosa Beauty
Models: Sadie Slater and Chase Gundersen
Silk ribbons: Silk and Willow 
Dinnerware and Flatware: Crate & Barrel
Studio: TravisJ Studio 


Maternity 2016

I don't share personal photos in this space very often, but sometimes it's nice to see the person behind the brand. Last year at this time, I was waiting anxiously for the arrival of my sweet baby girl. My dear friend Maria Corona offered to take some photos of my family to document this special time. Even though I was feeling massive, uncomfortable, and could barely find any clothes to fit my expanding figure, I am so thankful for these photos that capture me in my element. Working with the beauties of nature and spending time with my sweet little family. Now that we have two babies, the time of only one seems like such a simpler time and I treasure being able to look back on those memories.

Flowers: Amber Reverie
Hair and Makeup: Bellacosa Beauty


Neo-Tropical Romance | Cover Shoot for SLPC Bride and Groom

I was asked by Salt Lake Park City Bride and Groom to design some flowers to compliment the new HSL Restaurant in Salt Lake City. This restaurant has some of the coolest tile and decor, all in so many shades of beautiful green (my favorite color!) There is a distinct tropical vibe, so that became the concept for our shoot.

Tropical climates are so vastly different from my home desert climate of Utah, so the sheer variety of plants growing nearly everywhere is so inspiring to me! I don't work with tropical flowers very often, as, in the floral world, they usually feel overly-bright and bulky. However, when I visit tropical landscapes, I am instead drawn to the wild textures and more delicate bits. I love the fluttering maidenhair fern growing along the rainforest floor, tiny fairy-like orchids feeding off ancient trees and golden grasses swaying along the sandy beaches. These elements in subtle, earthy shades became the inspiration for my take on tropical flowers.