Cierra + Tanner Wildflower Formals

I first met Cierra in college and, when I found out she was marrying my friend from elementary school, it seemed like fate that she asked me to do her wedding. We drove up the mountain just before dawn and arrived as the sun was rising over the wildflowers in Utah's Albion Basin. It was a lovely, serene location for this couple to document their love for each other, and the extremely talented Megan from Vellagreen Photography captured it brilliantly.

I made this nature-inspired bouquet in shades of white, cream, greens and blues and tied it with raw silk, velvet, and a strip of lace ribbon I cut from the lace used on her gorgeous custom dress. Another special detail I included was the lamb's ear in Cierra's bouquet, because her grandmother used to grow it in her garden. The delicate flower crown fit the surroundings perfectly and, when we put the drop veil on Cierra, the wind picked up at just the right time. I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few times I almost burst into "The hills are alive, with the sound of music..."

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