Featured on Occasions Magazine: Thanksgiving Table

This is a Thanksgiving table I collaborated on for Occasions Magazine. This table, created with Leslie Dawn Events and Megan Robinson Photography, has been chosen as one of the five finalists in Occasions Magazine's Holiday Styling Challenge! Next week, you can vote for your favorite table to decide the ultimate winner! Your votes would mean a lot, and don't worry, I'll remind you :)

I loved working on this table design. The rich tones, textures and soft candlelight were so warm and inviting. It was so beautiful, we sat down at the end of our shoot and enjoyed some pumpkin pie together, because it felt like a waste to take down such a beautiful setup without using it for its communal purpose.

And what you don't see, the wind was blowing so hard that day! It was crazy, every few minutes, I was running into the shot, arms outstretched, making sure centerpieces, candles and glasses would be carried away in a strong gust. We did lose some of the gold leaves on the pears at the place settings in one such gust, and had so search the yard to make sure we had enough. Oh the fun things that happen on set.

See the full feature here.

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