Rainy Mountaintop Wedding

We are having some gloomy June weather here this week, and I was reminded of this wedding from last summer. 

The day was dark and cloudy with whipping winds and pouring rain. We were drenched as we set up, praying the weather would clear so the sweet couple could marry on this stunning mountaintop, surrounded by rocky cliffs. About 30 minutes before the ceremony was set to start, the rain stopped and the clouds began to clear, so guests were able to make it to their seats. It felt like a miracle! The bride walked down the aisle, clutching a locket with a photo of her late mother that I attached to her bouquet, so she could symbolically carry her mother with her on her most special day. The weather was perfect for the rest of the evening, and guests were able to dance the night away under a clear, starry sky!

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