Neo-Tropical Romance | Cover Shoot for SLPC Bride and Groom

I was asked by Salt Lake Park City Bride and Groom to design some flowers to compliment the new HSL Restaurant in Salt Lake City. This restaurant has some of the coolest tile and decor, all in so many shades of beautiful green (my favorite color!) There is a distinct tropical vibe, so that became the concept for our shoot.

Tropical climates are so vastly different from my home desert climate of Utah, so the sheer variety of plants growing nearly everywhere is so inspiring to me! I don't work with tropical flowers very often, as, in the floral world, they usually feel overly-bright and bulky. However, when I visit tropical landscapes, I am instead drawn to the wild textures and more delicate bits. I love the fluttering maidenhair fern growing along the rainforest floor, tiny fairy-like orchids feeding off ancient trees and golden grasses swaying along the sandy beaches. These elements in subtle, earthy shades became the inspiration for my take on tropical flowers.

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