Ruby + Andy Autumn Abundance Wedding

This bride was absolutely regal with a gorgeous cape veil cascading from her shoulders. Ruby wanted her wedding to evoke old world abundance and I will miss her creativity and up-for-anything attitude. She stepped out of the traditional wedding box with unique shoulder flowers and a big, wild, overflowing bouquet. It reminded me of a quote by Sarah of Saipua, one of my biggest floral role models.
"Ladies-of-old knew how to roll with a big bodacious bouquet. Boom! There they are; giant sprays of gladiolus, ivy dripping to the floor…spray roses by the hundreds... regardless, please get yourself a proper wedding bouquet. It’s likely to be the one time in your life you get to carry extraordinary flowers."

Ruby knew how to roll too. After a lovely ceremony under a tunnel of ivy, she treated her guests to a backyard reception buffet spilling over with food and flowers. The sheer bounty was beautiful and perfect for an autumn celebration of love. Thanks to Jordan Zobrist Photography for the images.

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