Primaveral | Belgian Countryside in Spring

This April, I had the incredible opportunity to join some wonderful florist friends in the remote village of Charneux in eastern Belgium. We spent the most idyllic few days taking morning walks to forage from the pastures, cutting from Emily's garden, arranging with all of my favorite spring varieties, using natural botanicals we brought in from outside to dye silks and linens and being incredibly inspired by the scenery. 

I have so many fond memories from this experience, including walking down to the thirteenth century abbey and chatting late into the night with some of the most wonderful women from all over the world. But there was one moment that I'm sure will stick with me.  One morning, I was sitting in the sun room of our ancient stone farmhouse, eating a quiet, solitary breakfast as I soaked in the sun's rays. Some movement caught the corner of my eye, and I turned toward the large window to see a herd of cows being let out into the pasture. I watches as they poured into the field, bounding and bouncing with joy. I have never seen cows act so excited or happy, so I ran outside to watch them closer as they literally danced, pounding the ground and rolling around, releasing the scent of new spring grass into the air.

Hosted by: Hart Floral and Fleuropean
Photography by: Taylor and Porter

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