Today is Pioneer Day in Utah, basically Utah's birthday. It celebrates the entrance of the first settlers who came here. So I thought today, I should share some love for this place I call home.

I grew up here, just south of Salt Lake City. As I grew older, I always planned to move somewhere else, at least for a while. San Francisco, maybe, or Seattle. When I got married, moving away was always a part of our plan. Since then, we have built our life here. And although we may still leave someday, I'm so happy to call this place home.

The longer I'm here, the more I've discovered that Utah is a hidden gem. Growing up here, I was just used to it, but the beauty you find here can be found nowhere else. From snow covered mountains, to massive white aspen forests, deserts, red rock, lakes and nearly everything in between. The landscape here is stunning, as anyone who has seen a Utah sunset will confirm.

In addition to all this beauty, there is such a strong creative community here. Artists, designers, thinkers, makers. Maybe it's spurred by all the inspiration that surrounds us, but so many people here are making a big impact. I feel so blessed to have ended up here, even though it's where I've always been. Especially for the incredible people I've met and will meet in the future. There is nowhere else I would have rather started my business and began this creative journey.

So today, I'm celebrating this place I love. Happy birthday, Utah!

This photo was taken by Thrill Photo at one of our favorite spots near our home, Tibble Fork Reservoir.

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