Elegant Birthday Party for Jess

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend's husband contacted me about doing some decor for her upcoming birthday. He wanted to throw a surprise party for her, which was so sweet as this is her first birthday since they've been married. He asked for some simple details to pretty the place up a bit and we decided just balloons and flowers would do the trick. I truly had to restrain myself from doing a hundred other ideas, but I was really happy that the restraint paid off in a look that was clean and elegant.

This birthday girl was Jess of the blog Golden Swank. If you haven't checked her out before, do it. She's not only gorgeous but has amazing fashion sense. Both on and off her blog. If she looks familiar, she has appeared on my blog a few times, see here and here.

For flowers, I went with fluffy cream garden roses, two different spray roses, eucalyptus and blossoming spring branches. Seth and I made the gold tinsel tassels over a few nights while watching our tv shows, then added them to simple white balloons with gold ribbons. Finally, I brought in some candles and a few other accents like a pretty tray and gold pillow, to finish the look and create a glowing ambiance once the sun set.

The beautiful birthday girl in her birthday flower crown.

Jess's husband, totally worn out, haha!

Happy Birthday Jess! I hope 24 is the best year yet!



  1. Gorgeous! I love the combination of the roses and the gold. Very refined but not overstated. You're so talented, Amber!