Summer Fruit & Flower Crown Tutorial

Recently, I've been assisting another local florist to sharpen up my skills and technique. I came home with some leftover flowers from a wedding the other day and texted my girl, Jess. She had been asking me to show her how to make flower crowns, and wanted to try try some with fruit mixed in. We pulled lovely photographer Melissa Leavitt into our scheme, had an impromptu photo shoot and created a simple tutorial for fruit and flower crowns.

Check out the full tutorial and recipes for all three on Golden Swank today!

PS: Please excuse my extreme paleness. I obviously need to get out more. Def need some vitamin D. And a haircut too. And modeling lessons. Sigh, we can't all look like Jess. That's why she's the fashion blogger and I'm not. But she did wear my dress! Currently my favorite that I can't stop wearing.

I digress.